Easy Kimchi

First ever kimchi

I’m not a big fan of kimchi. In fact, I hated it until about a year ago when I got to taste the kimchi rice one of our Korean bosses cooked for the office.

I have memories of my dad making basins full of kimchi at home, and the “leaking gas” smell associated with it. I’ve seen him salt the lettuce, spread the kimchi paste, and place the finished product in jars, but I’ve never once bothered trying to learn how to do it until I ate kimchi rice and found that I liked it.

And so I went on the internet to find the easiest way of making kimchi. It wasn’t difficult finding a recipe I could work with – kimchi is such an easy dish to make and you can use almost any kind of ingredient that you like that the hard part is choosing what kind to make!

But first, what exactly is kimchi? It’s most commonly Chinese or napa cabbage (and some other vegetables like carrots, green onions, leeks and radish) that has been seasoned and pickled and can be eaten as a side dish in Korean cuisine or cooked with other ingredients to make new dishes. Other varieties of kimchi can be made using cucumber, radishes, and other vegetables.

I found and adapted a mak kimchi or easy kimchi recipe for my needs and ingredient availability. For this, I used Chinese cabbage. Continue reading “Easy Kimchi”